Why and What is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale is an alternative to a garage sale or an auction. A garage sale is designed primarily to liquidate items. Typically, the items are priced to move. An auction is a way to liquidate items also. Everything will be sold but the price that will be received is set by the highest bidder. Items have gone at auction for pennies on the dollar. An estate sale is designed to liquidate items but NOT at the sacrifice of what an item is worth. Estate sale items normally sell at much higher prices then either garage sales or auction.

The need for an Estate Sale can arise for many reasons. These sales are conducted for clients who are moving, relocating to assisted living, closing a business, facing foreclosure, lost a family member or friend, cleaning out a barn or garage or just downsizing. Some clients simply want to redecorate and maximize the value of their current décor.

Are there any upfront costs?

No. The Consultation is free and there will never be any upfront expenses for my clients for this service.

What charges and contracts are associated with your service?

Our fee is a simple and reasonable commission on gross proceeds from the sale. This commission covers advertising on the internet, newspapers and website, organizing and displaying the items for sale, researching and pricing of all items, staffing the sale, sales tax, any permits that are required, directional signage near the sale.

We will sign a very simple contract in plain English. There will not be any hidden clauses or “gotchas”. Everything will be agreed upon and understood before any steps are taken with your Cherished Things.

What can I do before a consultation?

Please don't throw anything away! We would like the chance to evaluate the entire estate and with your help and direction will put together the best possible sale for you. Everything in a home can bring in revenue including old toiletries, cleaning products and supplies, old papers and garage items. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

How much time is needed to prepare for Estate Sale?

Obviously the more time the better. I would prefer one month lead time to prepare the sale and advertise properly. However, since we all know and understand that sometimes circumstances do not allow us the luxury of time. A minimum allotment of time is two weeks.

What does the Estate Sale process look like?

I will meet with you in the home to discuss your needs. It is very important that I earn your trust. I will walk the estate with you to determine which items will be included in the sale, formulate a game plan to ensure that I meet your needs and maximize your profits. At this meeting, I will be taking any notes that are associated with the items that will be offered. It is very important to me to impart the history of an item to the new potential owner. I believe that this adds to the value of each and every item.

The week leading up to the sale my team will set up and prepare for the sale. Your items will be displayed attractively. Cherished Things will set up the check out area and where necessary, protect your carpet and flooring. Final photos will be taken to update the website and all advertising. Typically I would like to start advertising as soon as the date of your sale is determined so that interest can be generated and excitement can be created for your sale.

On the day of the sale numbers will be given out to the customers (at my discretion) arriving early to ensure entry to the sale is done in an orderly manner. I only allow 12-15 customers to enter your home at any given time. I have found that this keeps the sale manageable along with minimizing theft risks. Also, buyers deserve some personal attention to make their experience a pleasant one also. A happy buyer seems more willing to purchase. There are never any early sales at a Cherished Things event. If an item is advertised as being at the sale, it will be at the sale when the doors are scheduled to open.

Cherished Things provide all bags and paper wrapping for purchases. Each sale is as individual as the person that we are representing. In the end, our goal is to exceed your expectations and to make our association a pleasant one.

Do you provide a Clean Out Service?

Yes. Items that are left from the sale, arrangements for donations to go to the charity of your choice will be made. After the Clean Out, the home can be cleaned and readied for whatever next step that you have in mind.

When can I expect my payment from the Estate Sale?

A check will either be delivered to you or mailed to you within 15 business days following the conclusion of all services.