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Current Sales
14209 Orchard Point Road
Back Side of Long Lake
Turn at the Chapel
Alpena, MI 49707
2/9 & 2/10
9am - 2pm

Please come in thru the back door. The Garage also contains items, please feel free to browse in there also.
This is going to be one VERY interesting sale. This house is the combination of 2 houses and a storage trailer. It also contains items from when a party/liquor store was owned.
A few of the large items: Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Electric Stove, Two full size safes, Cooler doors, John Deere Gator, John Deere Tractor, )Both the Gator and Tractor are in good working order. Had them running this summer.)Hewitt Hoist, Lots of electric tools (was remodeling the house).
Make sure to dress warm.  We have a fireplace but no furnace, electricity but no water. This one should be an adventure. If it isn't permanently attached, it is up for sale!
Quick UPDATE! Just went out to try to price the items in the garage. WAY TOO COLD for stickers to stick. It is all for sale, we will just have to come to an agreement it you want something. No problem, I'm really reasonable.

We will be signing up interested customers for our customer loyalty program!

As always it is "As Is, Where Is", Payments accepted are Cash, Credit and Debit. We can not hold items it is First Come First Served. Statements made during the sale supersede anything prior.


Here is a listing of upcoming sales. This year is filling up quickly. 

1) Alpena, MI
2) Rogers City, MI (North of Rogers City)
This one is moved to Spring 2018 per family request

This is not the order necessarily but there is a LOT to look forward to. I will be posting details as soon as it is appropriate to do so. 

As always, these items are "As Is".  We accept Cash, Debit and Credit but, sorry, No Checks.  I will not be able to "Hold" any items.  These items will be sold First Come, First Served.  Any statements made during the sale supersede anything prior.
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