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Current Sales
10070 Emerson Acres
Herron, MI
10/12, 10/13, 10/14

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
9am - 2pm(Fri & Sat) 11am - 2pm(Sun)
Directions: 32 to Emerson Road, Turn on Emerson Road, Emerson Acres directly off Emerson Road, First Driveway on the left, look for signs on 32.

A Cherished Things Year End Blow Out

We are having a year end blow out at the next sale since we have room to really do this one up right. We have an estate sale in its own right but we are adding 2 full cleanouts, and 3 small buy outs. We really need to clear out things, NO ROOM!  This one will have two lawn tractors with accessories, LOTS of tools, some major industrial wood working tools, a forklift, snowmobile trailer, regular covered trailer (as is where is, needs some TLC, good bones), all kinds of furniture, washer, dryer, dimension lumber all kinds, over 800 board feet of White Oak ( 1 x 4, 6 & some 8)  and so many miscellaneous that it would drive me nuts trying to list it all.  Pictures will be going up on the website next week. Please be advised that we are working on selling some of the larger items right now. Address will be posted next week but it is in the Alpena Area. Hope to see lots of you there!

Anything marked with BLUE PAINTERS TAPE is off limits, sold, empty, or not in the sale. Please honor these wishes.
Here are the pictures.  There is WAY more than what we have pictured but we are still working.  You deserve an idea of what is here. Can I say, almost a little of everything!

Time for some legal. 

There are no early sales!!!!!!

Cherished Things does not offer refunds or returns. We do our best to test everything in the sale and make sure it worked when it was included in the sale.
 Feel free to test it prior to purchasing.
If you find a faulty item please bring it to our attention so that we can remove it from the sale.

Cherished Things is not responsible for injuries or accidents.

This sale may require the ability to climb and traverse stairs and uneven terrain. If this is a problem for you please shop in the areas that you are comfortable accessing.
Children are welcome at our sales but it is your responsibility to monitor your children at ALL times. If this becomes an issue, you will be asked to leave the sale. That injury/accident thing applies to everyone.

Accidents happen, Cherished Things simply asks that if you break it, you buy it! This protects everyone involved.

Shouldn't have to say this but lawyers say we must. Stealing is a crime. (It is one of the big 10.) If you are caught stealing, you will be detained and held for the police. Our prices are VERY reasonable. Please purchase what you would like.

We do not have hold tables and are not able to keep an eye on your purchases. We offer shopping baskets and are happy to assist you with multiple checkouts.

Please don't be offended if we do not accept your offer first day of the sale. It is our responsibility to liquidate our clients items at the best price that we can get.

Unfortunately, we have to add the following. This is a professionally run sale. Cherished Things reserves the right to ask anyone
"AT ANY TIME" to leave our sale. This is a business and we are trying to make the adventure fun and fair for everyone. If you are argumentative or confrontational; at our discretion; you will be asked to leave immediately. Refusal will warrant a call to local law enforcement. 
Please, lets enjoy ourselves at the "Treasure Hunt" that is an estate sale.

As always, everything is "As Is, Where Is", no refunds or returns. Cash, Credit and Debit accepted, sorry no checks.

Here is a listing of upcoming sales. This year is filling up quickly. 

1) Alpena - Complete house along with a wonderful wood working shop. Also big collection of vintage/antique collectibles. (Tentative Date 10/19 & 10/20)
2) Rogers City - Living Estate Sale. Moving from a lifelong house to a simpler condo. MANY nice things and worth a browse.
3) Alpena Warehouse - Been promising this but this is the year it is happening. Still trying to fit this in. Look for updates!
4) Rogers City - Tentative Have requested a sale but have to go thru. Its been a long time since the initial.

Lots in the works and we will see how it shakes out!

This is not the order necessarily but there is a LOT to look forward to. I will be posting details as soon as it is appropriate to do so. 

As always, these items are "As Is".  We accept Cash, Debit and Credit but, sorry, No Checks.  I will not be able to "Hold" any items.  These items will be sold First Come, First Served.  Any statements made during the sale supersede anything prior.
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